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Pure Pythons

Pure localitys is a typically theme of Boa Constrictor, but even Pythons have localitys and even there pure localitys are really rare. The most Boa Constrictor came in the 1980's and 1990's in human hand a time with not so extrem regulation such it is today. But a lot of Pythons came earlyer like australien Pythons or the restriction beginn earlyer like the protection of the Python molurus molurus in the 1970's. So many of the last import from asia are from the pacific area, until today. But just like the Boa Constrictors, the Pythons are to 95% morph or mixed. Pure Pythons are rare, but they still exist or came from confiscation (babys then are free to trade). 

The breeding of this rare and theatend reptiles is an importend task for breeders to help for the conservation of this animals.