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Boa constrictor Amarali, Bolivian Boa

Sysnonym: Bolivian Boa, short tail boa
Origin: Bolivia
Size: small to middle (pure bolivians are often less then 6.5 ft)
Male: 4.6 ft to 4.93 ft
Female: 5.25 ft to 5.9 ft (execptions 6.6 ft)
Difficulty level: * *  * *  ° °
(no problem for beginners, because of the robust nature of bolivians)
Known variants: red-brown archetype, Silverback
Peacefulness: * * * * * *
(very peaceful)
Protection status: Appendices II
Significantly: All Shorttails with no execption have short tails, even the males. Pure bolivians no have any yellowish color (thats south brazil).