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Boa constrictor Imperator Costa Rica / Costa Rica Boa

Sysnonym: Costa Rica Boa, highland Costa Rica Boa, dark Costa Rica
Origin: Costa Rica, highlands
Size: mittle (avarage size around 5.3 ft)
Male: up to 4.3 ft
Female: up to 5.3 ft (exceptions 7 ft)
Difficulty level:  * * * * * *
(very easy, very robust)
Known variants: dark highland, pale green lowland
Peacefulness: * * * * * °
(Babys are sometimes nervous, but just in the first days, generally peaceful)
Protection status: Appendices II
Significantly: Costa Ricas are the most colorful imperator of all. The dark highland Costa Ricas are very rare in human hand and just a few were exported from
Costa Rica. Today there is no way to get an wild caught.