Terra Serpentes
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Boa constrictor constrictor british Guyana/ Redtail Boa

Sysnonym: Guyana Boa, Redtail Boa
Origin: Guyana/ british Guyana
Size: middle to big (pure Guyanas are shorter then the most Surinames)
Male: 5.9 ft to 6.6 ft
Female: 6.6 ft to 7.9 ft
Difficulty level: * *  * *  ° °
(for committed beginners, they have a rubust nature, but some have a little temperament in the first days)
Known variants: archetype
Peacefulness: * * * ° ° °
(babys are nervous, but if you tame them, there are very peaceful)
Protection status:  Appendices II
Significantly: Often confused with Suriname Boas, but it's a complete differnet locality with typically blue shine and pink color and very massive heads.

Long time it was accepted that the Boas of Suriname and Boas of Guyana are the same locality, but that is not true. There are completely different localitys.